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On this site you can download the schema embroidery cross templates for Photoshop.

Guide site:

Embroidery-embroidery simple schema embroidery cross, manually (using a bit colors, no полукрестов and tracings per image) for download are presented in Excel format, view the schema - jpg .


1)Gallery works-embroidery work, to some charts (scanned and processed in Photoshop for good quality).Jpg Print: Standard A4 sheets.

2)Programm embroidery-scheme, colorful picture, i have using . also available table translation colors sorted to .Jpg Print: Standard A4 sheets.

Frame-frame templates for Photoshop (with a good resolution for quality photo printing) Format PSD (layers separate)

Game-game job to NASDAQ b.Nikitin "remarkably pattern".Jpg

Print sheets of A4

Forum-forum you can link their websites on the subject (rules on the Forum), as well as "походить"по already abandoned links.

New-new recent paved in materials.